Why Attrition Rate In Online University Is High

It is true that the number of students who are enrolling in online universities is steadily increasing for several years now and because of the advantages of online education, more and more students are attracted to enroll in online colleges each year.

But then I came across this study about the high attrition rates among online universities. The study reported that the said rate is 10 to 20% higher if compared to students who are into face to face learning (campus-based setting).

Well, I believe that one contributing factor of the high attrition rate is that there are so many students (young and adult) who have tried online education because they have been told that earning a degree in online university is easier and faster. In turn, these students simply jumped-in, enrolled and pay the tuition only to find out that online education is not that easy.

Yes it is convenient but still, you need to devote time to study and if you will not allot a regular study schedule, it will be hard for the online students to complete all the necessary requirements to earn their degrees. Most students who were not able to finish their degrees online realized that online studying is not for them because they are having a hard time managing their time.

And that is true, online education is not for all. That is why anybody who is interested in online education should know his or her own strong points and weaknesses. Students must assess themselves  before jumping in online courses. I suggest that they must read this to find out if they are fit for online education.

Or better yet, try the free online courses that are being offered by various online institutions such as UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Free-Ed and MIT and see for yourself whether you will fit in or not.

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