Online Studying At Lamar University

Lamar University is one of reputable universities in the United States that offer online degree courses for students who cannot attend regular schooling. At Lamar, students have option to study a variety of courses offered through the university’s online education programs.

Lamar has offers complete core curriculum and upper-level classes from almost all its department. They have five undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences, Bachelor of General Studies, RN-BSN Articulation Track, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Lamar Univeristy also offers two graduate degrees health-related field namely MS in Nursing and Master of Science in Health Promotion (MSHP). All these undergraduate and master programs can be completed by the students in entirely online approach.

Plus, Lamar University is offering College Access Programs which allows early entry students the ability to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. These programs are designed for accelerated juniors and/or seniors who meet established university entrance requirements.

Lamar has the so-called LUOnline portal that connects their online students to their professors and provides access to their curriculum. The admission for online students at Lamar is similar to the process of the admission of on-campus students wherein prospective students must first apply for admission through the Texas statewide application system.

The cost of online courses in Lamar regardless if it is a full online program, a telecourse or interactive course involve a non-refundable $25 per credit hour Distance Learning Fee but there is no Health Center Fee, Property Deposit Fee,  and the Setzer Center Fee.

For more Information about studying in Lamar University, you may call (409)880-8888 or visit the university website.

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