Lehigh University Launched Free Online Course On Biosciences

The Department of Biological Sciences of Lehigh University just launched a free online course on Biosciences that can be accessed not only by its students but also by the general public who are interested to learn about bioscience and their social and ethical considerations. This free online course is part of the new Bioscience Education grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The open course is a free multidisciplinary introductory course on various topics such as advances in cell biology and medicine, neurobiology, genome-based medicine, stem cell biology, obesity, infectious diseases and cancer. Full access of syllabus, course materials and all the applicable lectures are available online through Lehigh Bioscience website  and iTunes.

There is absolutely no registration needed to access the online course and so, this can be accessed even by students from other universities and high school students who are looking for additional course materials on bioscience subjects.

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