MIT OCW Offers Free Online Education

This is another good news to all online students and even to those people who want to learn or self-study online for free because the MIT OpenCourseWare which is funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Ab Initio software company unveiled their free online education program that is open for all anywhere in the world at no cost.

But of course, just like the free online courses of UC Berkeley that are in podcast format, the free online courses of MIT OCW will not entitle you to any degree. MIT OCW is not a substitute for attending regular and online universities and OCW users will do not have any access to the faculty or professors.

These programs are intended to supplement learning through the program’s online courses and lectures. And for those people who want to self-study or learn something new without engaging in formal education program.

The MIT OCW has a total of 1550 published courses and these free online courses of OCW comes with syllabi, video or audio lectures, notes, homework assignments, illustrations and many more. And I can say that this is great online resources to supplement your studies and to feel how it is to study in an online university.

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