An Online School On Wizardry?

Whew! I was actually surprised when I came across this site that offer online wizardry classes. Its concept is no different from Harry Potter books, in fact most students of Grey School of Wizardry are Harry Potter fanatics!

But to clear things up, the Grey School of Wizardry is not an accredited educational institution because this is just sort of special training ground for those who want to learn about the magical words and of course, not all believe in magic. Some may even laugh or raise their brows if they find out that there is a school like this.

Anyway, to those who are interested in learning magic and other wizardry stuffs, you can check out this online school. The Grey School of Wizardry is highly interactive and includes four elemental houses headed by Faculty Head to moderate the chatrooms. The online school also has a library that includes a bibliography and online links to wizardry articles and encyclopedias.

And as a student here, you can participate in get-togethers at festivals, field trips, retreat and summer camps. Young and adults may enroll to Grey School of Wizardry. The tuition cost of studying here depends whether the student is below 18 years old and above 18 years old but the range is somewhere between $20 to $65.

To find out how could you enroll in this online training school, please click here.

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