Find Out If You Are Fit In Online Studying

I found a good way to for students or adult learners to check out whether they are ready for online studying. This readiness checklist is from Broome Community College.  This is a self-administered and self scored tool to help learners decide whether online schooling fits their personality.

The exam is just short and all you need to do is answer it by yes or no honestly. Note how many situations that you answered yes and those that you answered no so that you can assess yourself afterwards:

1. I am self-motivated
2. I am a good “Time-manager”
3. I am capable of self-discipline
4. I can capably read for comprehension
5. I am goal directed – If I set my sights on an end result, I usually achieve it
6. I am confident in my academic abilities
7. I do not give up easily, even when confronted with obstacles
8. I believe I am responsible for my own education – what I learn is ultimately my responsibility
9. I have commuting problems
10. I have conflicts with work, athletics or child care and school schedules
11. I have access to a computer with an Internet connection
12. I am willing to try something new
13. I am willing to work in a non-structured environment
14. I am willing to express my opinion in writing
15. I am willing to actively participate in the learning process by doing tasks, projects, etc.

Sum up the number of yes and no answer. If you answered 12  or more yes to the statements above, online courses are suited for you but if you but if you have less that 12 yes answers, then you might think it over again before enrolling to any online course. Or assess yourself if you are really determined to study online. Remember that online studying is for those people who know how to manage their time efficiently and are capable of self-discipline.

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