The Growing Trend For Online Programming

If there is one course that is perfect to be taken in online approach, many will agree that it is programming. In the recent report from Eduventures, Richard Garrett noted the growing trends of online programming especially among adult students whose age are 25 years old and above.

The above age bracket is really the ideal age of online learners because most often than not, adults who reach the age of 25 is matured and confident enough to manage their time effectively. These are the people with full-time jobs and already raising a family on their own.

Online programming can provide ample time for these adult learners to do their homework, projects and assessments while doing their responsibility on their work and home.  Since online programming is more on critical thinking, it doesn’t really matter whether an online programming class meet face to face or not as long as they have certain guidelines to follow and that the students can talk to their instructor in regular basis.

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