ALISON Improves Online Learning Site

ALISON,  which is known for its free global learning opportunity recently improved its online learning site by launching a newly designed website.

The new website of ALISON now have many new social networking feature and interested people can now register faster. But what I like in the new ALISON is its more intuitive study area and new free tools to make learning, teaching or training even better than before.

Under the new portal, one can easily create virtual classroom for a group of learners  that can be managed and monitored with the free ALISON Manager. This tool is free to trainers and teachers  of IT-skills certification ALISON ABC IT, the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum (MS DLC), and many other courses.

With all these new features, ALISON remains free to all; hence learning a new course or  improving your workplace skill will not cost you anything.  So check out the new and improved ALISON free online learning for all to experience faster and convenient online learning. Register for free and start improving your skills.

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