How to get an online engineering degree

There are a few things you need to do in order to get an online engineering degree. The first thing is that you need to make sure the school you are going to is an accredited school. There are quite a few places out there that say they are accredited and they turn out to be degree factories. So make sure you do your research. You need a degree that can help get you a job not just a piece of paper.

Once you have found your school you need to enroll and get prepared. Some people believe online school will somehow be easier because you don’t have to go to a classroom. This is not the case, if anything, it’s harder. You have to make sure you budget your time. Set aside time for your classes just like you would going to a normal school and also make sure that when you are taking the class that you remove all the distractions from around you.

The last thing you need to do is be prepared to graduate and get a great job. Engineers are in constant demand. So this is one degree that can help you find work fairly quickly out of school.

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Bill Gates Awards $12.9Million Towards Virtual Learning Improvements

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which was founded in 1994 and known for its charitable contributions in and out the United States to help create and spread innovations in education, technology and world health, recently donated a total of  $12.9 million dollars to several community colleges towards virtual learning improvements.

Among the college recipients were Carnegie Mellon University; Monterey Institute for Technology and Education; Global Skills for College Completion; and National Center for Academic Transformation who received $2.5 million, $5 million; $3.6 million; and $1.8 million respectively.

The Carnegie Mellon University will use its $2.5 million for the improvement and developments of web based and open learning environments of its Community College Open Learning Initiative. Carnegie Mellon aims to improve their course completion rates by 25 percent.

Monterey Institute for Technology will utilize its $5 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create developmental math course material that will be available as an open educational resource. They will also use the grant to increase the number of students who can meet math standards so they can move into post-secondary educational programs.

On the other hand, Global Skills for College Completion who got $3.6 million will establish ways to teach math and writing skill using social media and technology and the National Center for Academic Transformation will make use their $1.8 million grant to do outreach to community colleges to convince them to incorporate technology-based learning into their math programs.

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ALISON Improves Online Learning Site

ALISON,  which is known for its free global learning opportunity recently improved its online learning site by launching a newly designed website.

The new website of ALISON now have many new social networking feature and interested people can now register faster. But what I like in the new ALISON is its more intuitive study area and new free tools to make learning, teaching or training even better than before.

Under the new portal, one can easily create virtual classroom for a group of learners  that can be managed and monitored with the free ALISON Manager. This tool is free to trainers and teachers  of IT-skills certification ALISON ABC IT, the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum (MS DLC), and many other courses.

With all these new features, ALISON remains free to all; hence learning a new course or  improving your workplace skill will not cost you anything.  So check out the new and improved ALISON free online learning for all to experience faster and convenient online learning. Register for free and start improving your skills.

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Online Master Students Excel In State Exams

I just featured Lamar University’s online degree programs here and then now, I stumbled upon Lamar University’s newsletter  that their online students who took the recent state principal exam ( spring and summer of 2009) obtained 20 points higher than students statewide.

The newsletter also shared that Lamar online students who are taking Masters in education got higher scores than most campus-based students who have taken the same exam. In fact, 96% of Lamar’s online master’s degree students passed the principal exam. Interesting isn’t it?

This simply implies that online students are not inferior to campus based students. And I was impressed with the quality of online education of Lamar because their passing margin became higher since their online Master’s of Education degree through Lamar University’s Academic Partnership with Higher Ed Holdings was offered two years ago.

So if you want to obtain a top quality Masters in education, why not check out the online programs of Lamar University? They offer over than 100 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs than can be taken in-person and through online classes. Lamar University is known as comprehensive public university in Beaumont, Texas. This university is a member of The Texas State University System and duly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Online Studying At Lamar University

Lamar University is one of reputable universities in the United States that offer online degree courses for students who cannot attend regular schooling. At Lamar, students have option to study a variety of courses offered through the university’s online education programs.

Lamar has offers complete core curriculum and upper-level classes from almost all its department. They have five undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences, Bachelor of General Studies, RN-BSN Articulation Track, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Lamar Univeristy also offers two graduate degrees health-related field namely MS in Nursing and Master of Science in Health Promotion (MSHP). All these undergraduate and master programs can be completed by the students in entirely online approach.

Plus, Lamar University is offering College Access Programs which allows early entry students the ability to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. These programs are designed for accelerated juniors and/or seniors who meet established university entrance requirements.

Lamar has the so-called LUOnline portal that connects their online students to their professors and provides access to their curriculum. The admission for online students at Lamar is similar to the process of the admission of on-campus students wherein prospective students must first apply for admission through the Texas statewide application system.

The cost of online courses in Lamar regardless if it is a full online program, a telecourse or interactive course involve a non-refundable $25 per credit hour Distance Learning Fee but there is no Health Center Fee, Property Deposit Fee,  and the Setzer Center Fee.

For more Information about studying in Lamar University, you may call (409)880-8888 or visit the university website.

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Valley College Goes Online

The Los Angeles Valley College is now offering online education as an alternative for regular classes to complete vocational certificates, associate degrees and for general or professional enrichment.

The Los Angeles Valley College Online Education offers the same quality of education that they offer on-campus. In fact, in this college, enrolling in an online class is the same as enrolling in their regular class.

The enrollees for online courses in Valley College  are increasing; so from 73 classes last fall, Valley College now have more than 100 online classes ranging from Business to Theater and honors courses. Their professors and instructors are likewise having professional development towards providing a quality and competitive online education.

Now, more individuals are given an opportunity to study and complete a degree anytime and anywhere at a lower cost. The Los Angeles Valley College Online Education offers wide range of online classes for this coming Fall. You may check them out here.

They also provide Online Learning Tutorial for those who want to learn more about this mode of education. And you may also try their Online Readiness Skil if you wanted to know if you are prepared to study online.

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All Schools Must Have Online Learning Tool

After the H1N1 scare and several natural calamities, I think it is high time that all educational institutions must have alternative teaching system for their students during emergency situations. This will enable learning to continue despite any health or security outbreak.

Preparing an online learning tool is one of the best way to combat the unexpected delays in teaching and by doing this, educators are assured that learning will transpire even the students cannot go to school physically.

I experienced the difficulty of being unable to attend classes because of severe bomb threats when I was in college and whenever there were transport strike in our areas; and I can say that these problems can be easily solve if only our college has a stand-by online learning system during those times.

Recently, the H1N1 caused panic all over the world and it made many schools to temporarily suspend classes to avoid the possible spread of the virus among students.  But if schools have a ready online learning tool, there will be no more delays in class schedules. Students and teachers can still hold classes and go on with their class schedules without interruption if the school will publish their lectures in an online portal.

And I hope that the educational institutions will consider the request of government to set up online learning tools for students who have to stay home.

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Online Learning Looks More Promising With Proposed Policy

The government, particular the law makers are getting more acquainted with online learning approach. And with the continuous rise of people who are considering and already participating in online learning; many organizations are proposing for Policy and Funding Frameworks for Online Learning.

This report details many considerations  that policy makers should consider for online learning such as the programs that vary widely in comprehensiveness, reach, delivery methods, locus of control, and other important aspects.  This report is created by John Watson and Butch Gemin from Evergreen Consulting Associates. The report is published by iNACOL to investigate some of the approaches being taken by practitioners and policymakers in response to key issues in online learning.

By publishing this report, they hope to guide policy makers toward more effective choices to support the high-quality online and blended learning environments potentially available to every child today. May this initiative be successful and may appropriate funding be granted to online learning institution to help many online learners complete a quality online education.

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Learn Mandarin Online For Free

Those who understand Mandarin have a big advantage because Chinese have this habit of speaking in their native language most of the time and so, if you have Chinese classmates or friends, I am sure that you know the feeling when they suddenly speak Chinese while you are with them.

And unlike other Mandarin tutorial, this free Mandarin online lesson came from Heriot-Watt University,  a well-known educational institution.  This Mandarin lesson is available through SCHOLAR. SCHOLAR is an online learning tool that is originally available to all Higher and Advanced Higher students in Scotland but Phillip John, the Dean of science and engineering at the university and executive chair of the SCHOLAR Forum, offer this to general public so that any individual who want to learn Mandarin can now possibly learn for free. All you need is a computer with internet access!

So if you want to start learning Mandarin now, simply visit this site.

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Are There Free Nursing Continuing Education?

Nursing courses have high demands nowadays and current nurses are likewise encouraged to engage in continuing education about their profession. However, not all nurses can afford to pay for nursing continuing education.

But fret no more because just like free online courses in computing technology, there are also some resources where nurses can avail of free online continuing education. One online portal that I know is the Medi-Smart, a website about nursing education resources.

Medi-Smart compiled a directory of Free Nursing Continuing Education Resources that can be accessed online.  Some of the free online courses were:

Culture Advantage-  This offers 3 free online CE courses which are accredited for contact hours in Kansas and 15 other states. This site requires registration prior to taking courses

Nellcor Puritan Bennett – This offers a good selection of free, accredited online educational courses for registered nurses and respiratory therapists

Journal of Nursing Risk Management – This is composed of free 14.5 Contact Hours nursing continuing education for full-time military and federal health care providers

Female Urinary Incontinence – Offers free 2 Hour course that is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing

With these free courses, even those budget-constrained nurses can now equip themselves with continuing education that may help them to advance in their profession or at least empower their knowledge in providing better health care services.

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