Grace College To Offer Online Graduate Degree Programs

After offering online degree courses in Ministry and Intercultural Studies early this year, Grace College and Theological Seminary through Grace Online  is now on its way to offer four graduate degrees online such as M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership, M.S. in Instructional Leadership, M.A. in Local Church Studies and M.A. in Ministry Studies. The first two online degree courses are designed for educators and corporate training professionals while the other two online degree programs are specially developed for church leaders and ministry professionals.

These online degree offerings from Grace College will definitely encourage professionals and church leaders to advance their expertise in their fields. The college is currently is finalizing the last details of its online education initiative together with The Learning House, Inc., the college’s partner in providing online education.

According to Grace College, each of their online program offerings is intended to nurture the professionals’ development by building on the critical thinking and communication skills which are necessary to their career as professionals.

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