My Take On Online Degree Studying

The growing popularity of online degree studying in Unites States, Europe and Asia is undisputedly visible. Although not all universities and colleges offer online degree programs at this time, most of them already created an initiative to introduce online studying through podcasting, online tutorials, and online video lectures that are available in sites such as YouTube and iTunes.

I am a supporter of online studying because I believe in continuous learning that is not bounded by four corners of a classroom and is not restricted by time schedule. I already tried taking some online courses and I can say that the education that I get from online learning is at par to those courses that I took in brick and mortar classroom.

However, if time comes that I have a chance to send my child in school, I still prefer that his basic foundation of education will begin in a physical school. I want him to experience to be a regular student, to meet and see his classmates and to sit in a classroom and see his teacher face to face.

Perhaps, one missing aspect of online education is the extra-curricular activities. And this is one aspect of learning that I do not want my child to miss. Of course, he can have extra activities from our community and church. But for me, participating in extra-curricular activities at school has a unique experience of social interaction that should not be missed by a growing individual.

In short, I will encourage my child go in an online education institution after he graduated in high school. But if his school will offer blended learning approach, it will be much better because I believe that the combination of traditional and online education is the best. And in the later years of my child, I will be more than happy to see him finishing various online degrees or obtaining his advance education through online university.

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