ACU To Provide Freshmen Free iPhone/iPod

This initiative of Abilene Christian University is toward promoting online learning through the use of portable or handheld gadgets. Upcoming students of ACU will be given a free iPhone or iPod touch to receive their homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes.

Using this cutting edge technology, students can conveniently get directions on how to reach their professors’ offices and they can also know their current meal and account balances. Plus, students can likewise access over 15 useful web applications through the use of these mobile gadgets.

ACU emphasized that these web applications are valuable to their students’ learning experience. Well, this is a great way to introduce more students to the convenience of online learning and it is indeed true that handheld gadgets like iPhone, iPod and other portable media players are nice supplementation for online learning especially if the students can not access their computers at a given time.

So if you want to explore mobile or online learning, likes to have an iPhone for free and to study at a Christian university; you may want to consider Abilene Christian University.

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