Earning Online Associate Degree At Ivy Tech

The Ivy Tech – Wabash Valley Region is offering a wide range of Associate Degree programs that can be completed via online platform. The online or distance education programs of Ivy Tech are actually perfect for those students who want an alternative way and cheaper means of completing their degrees.

Ivy Tech offers online courses in various levels such as Technical Certificate (one-year program to help you develop your technical skill competency); Associate of Applied Science Degrees (two-year programs that provide both depth and breadth in conceptual and operational skills in a technical field) and Associate of Science Degrees (two-year programs that emphasize cognate skills as well as technical skills).

And because Ivy Tech is an accredited college, the online courses that were completed and earned here by their students can be transferred and accepted to other accredited universities. Students will then have an option to continue their studies that will lead to a four-year bachelor’s degree. To learn more about the online programs that are available at Ivy Tech, visit the list of their complete online program offering.

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