Angel Learning Isle Launched At Second Life Virtual World

Angel Learning recently launched a learning island called Angel Learning Isle at the Second Life. This new online education system will be used for experimentation of virtual collaboration technologies in online learning. The Angel Learning Isle will be opened for virtual learners come this May 15, 2007.

The Angel Learning Isle has several valuable areas and educational tools to collaborate online teaching and online learning. It has SLED Orientation Garden that introduces basic navigation and camera controls to new users and SLED Educators Gallery where instructional designers and educators will find a variety of free and inexpensive tools like white boards and slide shows that are created by members of the SLED community along with instructions on how to copy them for their own use.

The learning island also features a huge sandbox with a built in building tutorial; classrooms on demand; teleport gazebo with landmarks to other great education spots in SL dynamic seating area with arrangements for group work, small meetings, large groups and media viewing; and a headquarters where you can learn more about the Angel learning management system and meet up with other Angel users.

Read on here to find more about Angel Learning Isle.

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