The Online Educational Services Of GES

I just stumbled upon the online educational services that are being offered by Gatlin Educational Services or GES. And I found out that this company is offering online continuing education in the form of career training programs and certificate courses through various schools across the United States.

This means, that students or adult who are interested to take the career training programs from GES will not directly enroll to them but to their partnered universities. GES is working hand in hand with various universities and colleges by providing their entirely asynchronous web-based training.

GES is offering a number of online career training in such fields like healthcare, business, Internet, Real Estate and Video Game Design and Development. GES has an open enrolment policy that is adopted by their partnered universities which means you can immediately start your class as early as you want. Most certificate courses offered by GES can be finished within 180 days or approximately 6 months.

However, since most of the courses offered at GES are certificate courses, they are usually considered under the non-credit courses and offered under the continuing education programs of the universities.  But, the certificate you will be receiving for the training you have completed is under the name of the university where you enrolled.

Some of the universities and colleges that offer GES are the George Mason University,  Bowling Green State University, Fredonia Life Long Learning and Idaho State University.

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