Educators See The Potential Of Second Life In Online Education

With the phenomenal growth of Second Life where real people can virtually interact with each other in real time and the promising virtual economy of Second Life where the Linden Dollar (Second Life’s currency) can be exchange in real currency, even the academes are testing the Second Life’s platform as another venue of providing online education.

Educators are now keen on what Second Life could provide for educational purposes. There are some educators who are currently working on a pilot project with Second Life to test the efficacy and viability of the Second Life’s platform when applied in education.

Sue Sroda, a scholar-in-residence for the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology is optimistic that Second Life could offer various opportunities in online or distant education for students to obtain richer learning experiences. She also said that Murray State, Harvard and NYU have already received virtual land grants to test the educational potential of Second Life. And there are also universities that are already using Second Life to enhance the learning experience of their students.

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