Students Stand For Online Learning

Despite the issue about the poor audit of an online school in Colorado last year, students, their parents and their teachers still stand for the online learning as a good alternative to traditional schooling. That both students and parents appreciate and value online schools because they have brought new hope to students who did not do well in traditional schooling.

This was the outcome of the forum held at Manual High School by Trujillo Commission. The forum which was composed of 50 attendees was set to take the public comment on online instruction, funding, access and other issues related to Web-based education. The recommendations that were gathered will be utilized by lawmakers in formulating the online-accountability legislation.

This is a good move for the education or federal commission in creating an online accountability legislation that will assure the parents and students that they are getting quality online education. There is really no need to ban online schools from offering education but the law makers should see to it that these online schools faithfully comply to the law.

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