Loquella Launched Free Online Chinese Lessons

Online studying is not always accompanied by cost, in fact there have been so many websites where you can study a particular field for free. And now, I have seen another online resource that offer free Chinese lesson for free!

The free online Chinese lesson is provided by Loquella and so, anybody all around the world can learn the Standard Mandarin Chinese using Loquella’s language tool. The vice president of Loquella, Rebecca Hallengren said that this is the first free online language tool to offer a comprehensive Mandarin Chinese language lessons

The lessons are concentrated on teaching proper pronunciation and stressing its importance when learning Chinese.  Each Chinese language lesson is accompanied by detailed images in the grammar tip area to illustrate and allow students to interact with the Chinese lessons.

Check out this great offering from Loquella and see how fast you can learn Mandarin through online studying. But bear in mind that this will not give you any credit hour or certification. If you want to study with corresponding credits, grades or certificates, better study Chinese Language in a private educational institution.

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