Online University Offering Life Experience Degree Turns 10

Almeda University, just celebrated their one decade of being an institution that provides online degrees to adults worldwide. Almeda is one of the longest running entities that offer degree to adult based on their life experience.

They award Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs for mature students in a non-traditional environment.  The operation and system of this university in giving out various degrees can not be compared to traditional online universities because as what I have said, Almeda awards degrees according to the life experience of their student.

Many of Almeda’s graduates make use of their degree to create a more impressive resume and professional background. And because the degree is based on one’s experiences, and not from the actual knowledge you accumulated during your course of college studies, it is highly recommended that you will just use this as a supplemental credential because not all employers consider a degree that is based on one’s life experiences.

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