Free Online Course On Fluency with Information Technology

There is another option for us to upgrade our IT knowledge for free! This is through BENEFIT, a newly revised program developed by University of Washington Educational Outreach through the funding from National Science Foundation.

This free online course gears to improve the knowledge and skills of students in Information Technology. The newly revised program is now designed to be implemented in the convenient online self-study format without the guidance of an instructor.

The free online course has video demos to help you get started; quizzes to provide informative feedback;  My Progress Page to help you track your progress and help you stay on track; enhanced flash videos and animations that highlight key concepts; improved course navigation; and an Acknowledgment of Completion for satisfactory completion of each unit and the whole course.

Students who will complete the Fluency with Information Technology will gain the three essentials areas of IT knowledge: Skills for using software applications; concept or understanding basic devices and modes of operation; and capabilities to troubleshoot problems and test IT solutions.

To register for this free online course, simply sign-up by submitting your name and e-mail address. Don’t forget to tell your principal reasons for enrolling in the course. You will then receive a link to the online course material within a few minutes by e-mail and may start the course right away.

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