Free Online Tutoring For Deaf Students

Lifelinks Tutor Foundation, a non-profit corporation announced that they are offering free online video tutoring services to provide educational support for deaf students from 8 years old and onwards.  This is basically a free one on one online tutorial service to supplement their learning.

The free program is initially available in evenings but will soon be expanded up to weekends depending on the demand. The program will be delivered by experienced deaf instructor and each student will be given 20 minutes to give way for others who want to avail the free online tutorial service. Available subjects are history, English, math, science and social studies.

The use of LifeLinks free online tutorial service is subject to acceptance of the Conditions of Service stated by the Lifelinks Tutor Foundation.  The tutor may terminate the free session if he/she determines that the student is not acting appropriately, discourteous, or intentionally uncooperative. All online live tutorials will be video recorded by the respective tutor.

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