An Inspiring Story From A Graduate Of Online Library Master Degree

I stumbled upon the story of a housewife and full time employee, who managed to complete a Master Degree in Library and Information Science through online studying. Yadira Payne was able to earn the said degree in a span of one year from Drexel University Online despite of being a raising her family and taking care of her injured husband.

The Master Degree that she earned became her bridge to advance the mission of technology and education within the Hispanic culture as the Interim Government Documents Librarian at Augusta State University. She told that her online education is the key to her lifelong dream of becoming a librarian as it would be impossible for her to complete any advance degree if she will mend the time constraints of going to a physical university.

Now aside from being a librarian, Yadira is also a published author who has written series of bilingual short stories and children’s books and currently working on her fifth book. It is indeed very evident that with proper time management and the optimization of online education, one really improve his or her career no matter what happen.

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