The Drexel University Online Advantage

The Drexel University Online is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drexel University which is best known for its partnership in corporations in the US and abroad as a primary provider of online education for working professionals and even military personnel.

Through the years, Drexel has already established a stable partnership with various corporations around the world; hence, the degree that employees earned from Drexel University Online is guaranteed to be recognized.  Drexel University Online takes pride to the quality of their in innovative, Internet-based distance education programs for working professionals.

This institution is considered as one of the pioneers in online degrees and because of this, they already perfected every aspect of their online education system. In fact, Drexel’s online programs are ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the best in the fields of business, education, engineering, and library science in 2007.

The online programs in Drexel University have the same policies and rigorous academic standards as those taught on Drexel University campus.  And when students completed their programs, their diploma and transcript are all the same as those who earn their degrees on campus.

Drexel University Online offers a wide range of bachelor, master and certificate programs from fields such as Business and Management, Clinical Research, Communications, Engineering and Computer Science, Education, General Studies, Health, Information Systems, Library Science, Nursing, Psychology, Public Health, Technology, Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene. For the complete listing of their online programs, please click here.

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