The Online Programs Of Everest College Online

Everest College is a nonsectarian, coeducational institution with authority to confer Associate, Bachelor and diploma degrees. Everest College is licensed by the Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and duly accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Everest has a separate division that caters for individual who want to complete a program through online mode. The Everest College Online provides practical and career-focused online degree programs in accessible virtual environment. Among the online programs of Everest Online are Accounting Degree Program; Business Degree Program; Associate Criminal Justice Program; Bachelor’s Criminal Justice Program and Criminal Investigations Program

This online college can also admit students who wish to transfer their earned college credits from another accredited institution as long as they are compatible with the student’s program of study at the Everest and the student earned at least grade of C or equivalent.

Online programs here at the Everest College Online are integrated with online lectures and online discussion. Students are given the same amount of time to complete their work as if they were in the classroom except that online students can study when and where they want. Students are required to log into their class message board weekly and check in daily to see about future assignments, reread lectures.

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