Online, Traditional Schools And All Institutions Must Preserve Emails

There is new federal ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that took effect last December 1, 2006 requiring enterprises, institutions and all schools including online schools to keep tabs on all online correspondence and digital communications  that they produced.

Alvin F. Lindsay of Hogan & Hartson LLP said that the federal rules will require schools and other organizations to decide how and where they would preserve or store all their digital information especially the critical data so that they will be readily accessible in instance where such information will be needed as proof or evidence. The federal ruling will also compel these institutions to create guidelines which kinds of information must be saved and deleted.

With the ruling that will treat emails and other digital correspondence as legal and valid documentation, the complaints or technicalities that may arise can now be handled more efficiently. This will also hasten the process that results to faster resolution which is both beneficial to students and the school.

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