Online Learning Division Of UMass Announced Enrollment Increase

UMassOnline, the online learning division of University of Massachusetts announced the 25% increase in their enrollment for the 2007 fiscal year. They recorded a total enrollment of 26,627 this school year as compared to 21,202 enrollees last 2006. Likewise, UMassOnline also declared their augmented revenue from $21 million last year to $28 million this 2007.

David Gray, CEO of UMassOnline attributed these achievements from the depth and breadth of their online program offerings. Their UMassOnline programs provide the same quality education and grant online students equal access to their award-winning faculty, programs and learning as can be found in the physical classroom at any of their five campuses. Many students believe to the quality of education of UMassOnline which extends to the high standards of the university system that is known to stand the test of time.

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