AIU Awarded 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Recipient To Beverly Harris

The AIU alumnus award is not an extraordinary award for me but, the person to whom this award was given is very remarkable. The 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Recipient is Beverly Harris, the woman who was able to complete her Master of Information Technology degree at age 60.

This is very inspiring because it only proves that age is not a barrier for completing an online degree. Whatever your age, no matter how busy you are, as long as you have the will to study and perseverance to complete your course, you can really earn your degree online.

The story of Harris and how her career changed after earning her Master’s degree through AIU is something that could inspire a lot of people to seek advance studying for a life changing career. It is true that sometimes, our much awaited promotion does not depend to our long year of service. More often than not, we need to earn advance degree to get our desired career advancement.

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