University of La Verne's Online Degree Offering

The University of La Verne is founded on 1891; it is an independent, non-sectarian and non-profit educational institution. With its 40 years of expertise serving adult professionals, the University of La Verne earned the reputation for academic excellence and known as a highly diverse institution. It draws students, faculty and staff from a variety of background and professional expertise.

The University of La Verne offers student the convenient and flexible way of learning. Its online degree studying concept is the same as with its on-campus course but there are no regular class meeting for online degrees. Class is conducted according to schedule and it guarantees the same high quality teaching and course content.

In the online degree programs of La Verne, interaction is done via e-mail, discussion postings and chat room. If student would experience difficulties along any of these lines, there is an instructional assistance available when needed. Teaching process would include reading textbooks and online content. The University of La Verne is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501; 510-748-9001).

Online students need to participate in online discussion forum, chat and virtual group projects as well as complete and upload assignment, quizzes and surveys. University of La Verne also facilitates library research, field trips, laboratories and computer simulations.

One of the online degree programs in this university is the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. This is designed for students who would like to improve their management and organizational skills. It is constructed in two parts; the first part is for stress general management skills which are for the immediate work setting. The second part has electives from a variety of disciplines. This would give the student the chance to choose the courses that the student would want to take.

Another online degree offering is the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. This will equip the student in handling organizational productivity performance. Masters of Business Administration is offered to undergraduate adult learners who have at least three years working experience. To know more about the online programs of University of La Verne, please click here.

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