UC Berkeley’s Online Courses Now On YouTube

In addition of UC Berkeley’s free online courses through podcasts and webcasts, they recently add another way to offer more visual and more engaging online courses by putting them at YouTube .

This means more opportunity for students and even adults to learn a wide range of science, engineering and physics courses anytime and anywhere by simply visiting YouTube. These video lectures of UC Berkeley are actual classroom lectures and discussions making online learners feel like they are indeed attending classes.

I tried viewing the first lecture of Professor Lisa Pruitt about course overview of Bio-Engineering to see for myself the classroom set-up of lectures that are uploaded in YouTube and I can say that it is indeed the typical class discussion setting and the professor acknowledged that their lectures for that course will be recorded so that students can study and view them anytime through podcasts/webcasts. Both the professor and her students have microphones and so the audio quality of the video is good.

If you are looking for free, good quality and very accessible online courses, check out UC Berkeley’s online classes at YouTube, they currently have around 300 hours of video lectures on various science courses.

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