Trusted Learning Offer Web-based Online School System

I stumbled upon the Trust Learning website and I was amazed that this company is offering a web-based online school system that is somehow similar to the concept of learning management system which is being utilized by online universities to conduct and deliver their classes on the web. But unlike the expensive and sophisticated standard learning management systems, the web-based online school system that is being offered by Trusted Learning is very inexpensive.

Trusted Learning is marketing their online school system to those people or entities who would like to have their own online school, online center, online workshop or online tutorial center. Trusted Learning will provide everything you need to set-up your own online school/center. They will also be the one to host your online school at the web as well as accept and process the payments that your students will pay for your classes/courses. You of course, will pay Trusted Learning a certain royalty for every student who will enroll in your class.

All you need to provide is your course syllabus, lectures, exams and visual aids. Cool, isn’t?  I browsed their site and I found their concept quite good. If their system is really working, then, this would be a great opportunity for small or start-up schools/colleges to offer online classes without investing for any expensive system. This is likewise good for entrepreneurs, companies or independent instructors who would like to offer their classes/workshop/trainings online.

However, for students who want to take classes or training from Trusted Learning, remember that the programs they offer here may or may not be accredited. If the school that will use the web-based online school system of Trusted Learning is accredited by their respective region or industry, then the courses they will offer here will be likewise accredited. But, if you will take classes from independent companies, institutions or instructors who do not have any accreditation, then, it will also follow that their programs are not accredited.

So check them out first, if you just want to learn and does not need any degree or certification, I guess taking classes from independent instructors is fine because their classes are usually price at around $5 only.

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