Top Online Universities Based On Acceptance Rate

Since I have posted about the top 20 online colleges, and we found out that these rankings are based on several criteria and metrics, my attention was caught by some of the metrics which I think deserves to be discussed separately because of their significance in choosing the right university for each one of us. Some of us may want to study in a university that not everybody can study because of its strict screening that often implies reputation or prestige.

One of the interesting metrics for me is the Acceptance Rate. Why? Because this is the one which reflects the selectivity of online university. We have a connotation that quality colleges are selective on the students they are accepting. We are aware that schools with above average standards are those who strictly screened their students.

The OED obtained the data used for this ranking at the College Opportunities Online Locator database from the Institute of Education Sciences, a sub-agency of the US Department of Education. However, the data used for this ranking was from the Fall 2005 entering undergraduate class.

Here are the top online universities based on Acceptance Rate:
Name of School                               Acceptance Rate

  1. Grand Canyon University                             33.2%
  2. Colorado Technical University                      35.6%
  3. American InterContinental University           46.3%
  4. Westwood College                                      48.0%
  5. Jones International University                     58.6%
  6. Post University                                          62.4%
  7. Fisher College                                           66.6%
  8. Florida Metropolitan University                   68.6%
  9. Western International University                77.7%
  10. Capella University                                     87.2%
  11. South University                                       92.0%
  12. Bellevue University                                  100.0%
  13. Central Texas College                              100.0%
  14. City University                                        100.0%
  15. Granite State College                              100.0%
  16. Northcentral University                           100.0%
  17. Strayer University                                  100.0%
  18. University of Maryland University             100.0%
  19. University of Phoenix                             100.0%
  20. Western Governors University                100.0%

Disclaimer: Not all online universities have data or submitted figures for the said criteria, the results are based on the data obtained on the College Opportunities Online Locator (COOL) database from the Institute of Education Sciences, a sub-agency of the US Department of Education.

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