There’s Online Studying For High School Too!

Online studying is not only popular in college but also in high school. Now, there is an even public online high school like the Insight Schools Inc. that provides free online education for young learners.  The Insight Schools Inc is a fully supported, diploma-granting online public high school that goes beyond traditional schooling by offering personalized and flexible online programs. Currently, it has 11 schools in 10 states making it the nation’s largest network of tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high schools.

Students who are accepted in this online school will be provided with a late model laptop computer, printer/scanner, headset and microphone  as well as reimbursement for Internet service. And when students graduated from any Insight School, they have incremental benefits because they can choose from multiple academic options: AP, Honors, and College Prep which are specifically designed to achieve the goal of getting into college.

Another online school to watch for is the St. Mark’s Academy which will be completely online when it opens this coming fall. St Mark’s Academy will be offering a 24/7 on-demand access to e-instructors of whom are masters or Ph.D.-level educators. They will be offering a digital curriculum that will provide range of solutions to support students, from pre-high school foundations level courses through college-level Advanced Placement courses.

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