The Online University That Provides Laptop For Their Students

After I have covered the online program of Henley Putnam University to Air Force personnel, I found out that this online university provides laptop for their online students!

The university acknowledged that online learning involves mobility and convenience and this is the reason why they automatically provide a laptop for each of their student. The program tuition in Henley Putnam includes a laptop computer so that their students can access to their course and research materials wherever part of the world they are.

The student will received the laptop with protective case before the end of the second 10 week session in which he or she has enrolled. The computer is ready to use as it is already preloaded with operating software, Adobe Reader and anti-virus software. The laptop also has a modem and is WI-FI ready with adequate memory and hard drive storage to meet the University’s current course requirements. And of course, the computer comes with a three-year warranty covering both accidental damage and manufacturer’s defects.

So when you are looking for an online university that provides all the necessary tool and resources for completing your degree, you may want to consider studying at Henley Putnam because you can complete a Bachelor of Science program here by paying $24,170.00 or $27,494.00 for a Master’s Degree as the total cost for the entire program that already comes with a laptop computer.

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