The Importance Of Online Associate Degrees

The online Associate Degrees continuously opens a vast array of opportunity to many Americans when it comes to making a head start into employment and career advancement. Statistically, unemployment rate for those people who have an Associate Degree is 3 percent.

Whereas, for those people who are high school graduates and does not have an Associate Degree, unemployment rate is over 4 percent. Employers prefer to hire applicants who at least have an Associate Degree.

In fact, between 2000 and 2010, employers are requiring an Associate Degree from their employees. On top of this, workers who have an Associate Degree earn more compared to those whose highest educational attainment is a high school diploma. Those with bachelors or associate degree earn 65 percent more than those who graduated from high school.

Hence, in two years, one can already make it to the entry point to one of the fastest growing industry, increase earning and open the door for further advancement. So, if you feel you are not anymore fitted to go back to school, think again.

Do you know that 27.5 percent of the US population has bachelor’s Degree? This is an opportunity for you and your family. This could open vast possibilities for you to improve yourself and your family’s’ economic status.

If you are the person who aspires  opportunity for yourself and  for your family; if you are in search for an advance academic study; why not take an Associate Degree or an Bachelor Degree?  Any of the two degree is now possible in online degree studying, so start planning now and elevate your career soon!

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