The Growth Of Spanish Online Learning

Spanish, being one of the most spoken language around the world is always been an important language for business people, international students and even travellers. Spanish language schools or institutions teaching Spanish language are widely available in the United States but nothing compares to those who learn it from authentic Spanish institution with native and expert Spanish instructors.

And with the growing demand of high quality Spanish institution, the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana or FUNIBER aim to serve students who are looking for advanced distance education degrees at Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. FUNIBER is a non-profit alliance of about 50 universities in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America that opened up an office in New York to reach out the extensively growing Spanish-speaking population in the United States and to build partnerships with Hispanic organizations across the states by offering quality degree or certificate programs.

You can learn more about the online/distance learning programs and affiliation of FUNIBER here.

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