Tech Therapy As Online Degree

There is a big possibility that Tech Therapy can soon be taken and completed through online degree studying. This is because the associate vice president for academic affairs at the University of Utah, Charles A. Wight did some talks with the Tech Therapists about the growth of online learning.

The University of Utah currently teaches only about 5 percent of credit hours in fully online courses but with the booming trend in online degree studying, the University of Utah is now planning to accommodate that growth, especially now that the proposals for online courses had tripled this spring.

Well, we are excited to see that University of Utah will soon offer Tech Therapy courses and other in-demand degree programs in fully online approach to accommodate more the students who want to complete their degrees even beyond the regular school hours.

The technology is rapidly changing and the number of students who prefer studying at home are increasing every year and it would be very nice for an accredited and well-established university like University of Utah to offer degree programs that can be completed in entirely online approach.

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