Studying High School & College Simultaneously Is Possible

At first, I thought that this is very unlikely to happen because universities only accept students who already have their high school diploma, but when I read this news about Fostorian Zack Ickes, a high school lad who is about to receive his associate’s degree in general science at Owens Community College in Toledo even before graduating in high school, then I realized that there is really no impossible for a person who is persuasive enough to achieve his goals.

But completing any post-secondary degree would not be possible for the young lad without the emergence of online universities or colleges. Fostorian Zack Ickes availed of post secondary option that which allows high school students to take college online classes while in high school.

In the case of Ickes, he began this education journey with an online class each semester. Attending online classes are convenient and can be done even at home. This approach didn’t interfere in his normal high school life; in fact, Fostorian Zack Ickes is very active in their high school activities, band and sports including football and cross country. But of course, the real secret in this wonderful achievement of this young gentleman is his capability in managing his time.

The Post Secondary Option that Ickes availed is being offered in Owens Community College since 2002. This is open to students in grades 9 through 12. Students who want to avail of Post Secondary Option need to have at least 3.0 GPA in the subject area they want to study.

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