Recommended Online University For Military Personnel

Most online universities in the United States offer special privilege for military or armed forces who would like to further or advance their education while on service. And I guess that this is just fair because these people are truly worthy of such special privilege when it comes to education.

But if I will be asked to recommend one online university that has good educational offer for military personnel, I will definitely name Touro University International. Touro does not only have one program but several program offerings for military people  such as the Military Discount Program (MDP); MBA Military and Staff Colleges; MBA US Army Sergeants Major Academy; Master of Science in Health Sciences – Military and Staff Colleges; Master of Art in Education – Air Force Command and Staff Colleges; and AU/ABC Program.

These programs allow students who are serving as military or Armed Forces to take up to 28 credits per military fiscal year under the maximum Tuition Assistance benefits. This is indeed a very big help for our service men as this program saves them a lot of money. To explore the details of Touro University International’s programs for military, please click here.

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