Podcasts From Top Universities Makes Online Learning More Exciting

With the advent of podcast contents from top universities like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, UC Berkeley and Warrington College of Business, with the collaboration of Apple iTunes to make all these podcast readily accessible in just one location, online learning has never been this exciting.

Now, who will dare to say that online learning is expensive? These podcasts who came from reputable universities in the United States are being offered for free and all are welcome to download and listen to these audio contents.  Of course, listening to these podcasts will not give you any degree as these are not intended for that purpose.

Universities share their online lectures for people who want to learn and further their knowledge in a particular field. These podcasts are created to make online learning possible for people who can not afford to go to school or for individual who want to have continuous learning despite of financial restriction to attend a school.

The universities likewise created free podcasts to benefit their respective students. Students may use these podcasts as additional resource for their lectures. I am hoping that there will be more universities that will be generous enough to provide free online learning resources for all.

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