Kindle For Online Studying?

Kindle, the revolutionary gadget developed by Amazon for reading electronic books and other published online reading materials just like ordinary textbook may possibly find bigger market in students especially those who are into online degree studying.

I just read here that college textbooks are soon to be converted to be viewed in Kindle. In fact, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have plans to utilize Kindle this coming Fall. They will be conducting a comparative study between student’s experiences in using Kindles and those who will use regular textbooks.

And with the growth of online students, there will surely be a lot of online schools who will offer this alternative to their students as e-books are more convenient than regular text books especially that the soon-to-be-release Kindle will feature bigger screen that is optimized for viewing newspapers, magazines and textbooks in a format similar to their paper predecessor.

On the other hand, Kindle is also advantageous for regular students because the use of Kindle will surely reduce the weights of school bags. There will be no need to carry books that roughly weigh 800 grams to 1.5 kilograms each. We can also save from using paper and thereby, waste from old and used textbooks will be reduced.

I just wish that the cost of Kindle will become more affordable even to the average earners and I also hope that the cost of e-books will not increase drastically if educators switch from paperback text books to Kindle.

But wait, there’s a nice review of Kindle by a Kindle user… it featured the pros and cons of Kindle and according to him, Kindle is not that good for students especially if you will use it for research purposes. The article is worth reading and you will definitely know where Kindle is best and worst to use.

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Online Student Enrollees Double Up Even In High Schools

The growth of students who want to study online is not only doubling in college and graduate schools but also in high school. Insight School of Minnesota for instance reported that the number of students who enrolled in online Minnesota high schools is now more than doubled as compared last year.

Valerie McCullough, the Executive Director of Insight School of Minnesota said that more parents and students are now discovering the benefits of a student-centered learning experience that provides all the rigor of brick and mortar schools.

On the other hand, the Department of Public Instruction has notified the virtual schools that there appears to be more interest in online instruction than what’s allowed by law. So the various virtual schools are now appealing to law makers to eliminate the 5,250 enrollment cap set by the Legislature and Gov. Jim Doyle last year.

So we can expect that graduate of online high schools will definitely increase in the next coming years as more and more parents switched from traditional to online schooling. The economic status of the country even trigger parents to choose online schooling or home-based schooling for their children to save more of their finances.  And with the advance technology of online high schools, these virtual schools are confident to provide the same quality education that regular students get from their brick and mortar schools.

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WIU Expanded Online Learning Opportunities

Online degree studying is indeed on the rise! I just read that Western Illinois University is expanding its online and distance learning offerings to reach more individuals who may be placebound.


They are currently in the process of developing new online courses such as the technical support and expertise of Western’s Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT) and faculty training by the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Research (CITR).  WIU is likewise developing 11 new online courses like MUS 190 (What to Listen for in Music), SOC 300 (Minority Peoples), IDT 538 (Imaging Technology) and FIN 301 (Personal Finance Planning) that will be introduced this year.


The addition of new online courses paves way for Western Illinois University to accommodate more students. In fact, a total of 69 online courses will be offered this summer as compared to only 41 summer online classes last year.  WIU even established several new partnerships with Illinois community colleges.


The WIU Provost and Academic Vice President,  Jack Thomas believes that it is important for them to accommodate the needs of all of their students whether they are traditional students at Macomb and Quad Cities campuses, at an off-site location in Illinois or taking classes from the comfort of their home in Texas. And by increasing the number of their online courses, WIU is now more capable to provide educational opportunities to those individuals who may not be able to attend a class on campus.



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The Online Degree Studying In Graceland University

Graceland University which is established around 1895 continues to innovate the quality of their education by offering online degree programs. Graceland Online Programs are manageable and suited even to busiest working adult. They are structured to provide convenient but highly effective learning approach to professionals who want to advance their career.

Graceland prides itself as one of the few schools with most affordable accredited programs. This online university offer financial aid counseling to assist their students in securing grants and loans.

Likewise, students are guaranteed that all online programs in Graceland are nationally accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and by the Higher Learning Commission of Illinois.  The Education and Nursing Programs of  Graceland have accreditations in most stringent organizations in these field.

In Graceland, students are taught under eCollege online platform which serves as the virtual classroom for online degree programs. It is simple to use and provides round the clock technical assistance. Some of the online degree offerings of Graceland University include:

Master of Education
Master of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management

These advanced programs are taught by qualified professors to assure the tradition of educational excellence. To request more information about the online programs of Graceland University, please click here.

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Online Learning At Boise State U

Boise State University provides quality Distance Education Program for individuals who would like to finish their degrees despite of their hectic or erratic schedules.  The Boise State University offers the following online programs:

Two Bachelor-level degree completion programs in Respiratory Care and Nursing ;

Three graduate degree programs namely Master of Science in Educational Technology, graduate degree in Nursing and graduate degree in Instructional and Performance Technology;

And three graduate certificates in Educational Technology, Human Performance Technology and e-Learning and Performance Support.

The distance learning approach of these courses is through web-based course management system called Blackboard. This system allows students and faculty to participate in classes via the Internet. The university also makes use of teleweb, telecourses,  computer-based multimedia, videoconferencing and video streaming as online studying tools.

Although majority of these online classes do not require the student to attend class meetings in person on any campus, there are few instances where some of online courses have limited number of required meetings.   These special requirements for online courses are listed in the notes and in-person requirements columns. For those who are interested in the online degree offering of Boise State, the university provides an online orientation to familiarize students in using Blackboard.

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The School Of New Learning In DePaul University For Adult Learners

The School Of New Learning in DePaul University provides the innovative online education approach that answers the needs of individuals who can not go to regular university to study and earn a degree.  The School for New Learning (SNL) is serving adult students (age 24 and above) for more than 30 years now.  The school also caters students age 18 years and older who have chronic illnesses.

The School of New Learning is one of eight schools and colleges of DePaul University which credibility when it comes in education can not be questioned with its 100 years of existence as educational institution. SNL like DePaul University is likewise accredited by the North Central Association and because the school is designed for adult learners, it is possible for their students to earn college credit by demonstrating what they have learned through life and work experiences.

Students can earn a nationally recognized, top quality graduate or undergraduate degree without ever setting foot on campus. All online courses in The School of New Learning are convenient and flexible. The programs are designed to provide the knowledge needed for career advancement.

The online degrees DePaul’s School of New Learning is backed by the resources of a well-established urban university. They have online system of libraries, career services center and network of more than 130,000 alumni all over the globe.

To learn more about the School Of New Learning in DePaul University, read more here.

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Check Out Franklin University’s Convenient Online Studying Approach

Franklin University,  an educational institution founded under YMCA sponsorship as the School of Commerce in 1902 in Columbus, is one of the online universities in the United States that have the most convenient online degree programs.

Franklin has the so-called Rolling Admissions Process that allows students to enroll in courses at various points throughout the academic year. They also have flexible scheduling system wherein online courses are available in a variety of lengths such as 3-,6-, 7-, 12- and 15-week formats to address their students’ demanding  work schedules.

This is one of the few universities in the United States wherein more than 75% of students take online classes and approximately 85% of their students transfer college credits from other institution. These only prove that the quality of on-campus and online studying in Franklin University is just the same.

At Franklin, online students have a unique online learning portal and access in Student Services Associate who provides one-on-one support anytime. The SSA is the one who attends the needs of every Franklin student from transferring credits to assisting throughout their stay Franklin University.  And just like regular students in Franklin, all its online students can access the library, the bookstore, and all student services.

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Online Degree Studying At Everglades University

Everglades University is previously named as American Flyers College (AFC) and is founded in September 1990 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is the mission of Everglades University to provide quality education to adult learners who come in different backgrounds by offering innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs in both regular and 100% online approach.

Everglades University is duly accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) and is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education.

The online undergraduate degrees offering of Everglades University includes Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Bachelor of Science in Construction Management;  Bachelor of Science in Applied Management;  Bachelor of Science in  Aviation Management; Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine; and Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. For online graduate degrees, Everglades offers Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Aviation Science.

The schedules of both on-campus and online degree studying in Everglades are designed to accommodate the working students. Likewise, all its programs have emphasis in general academic, technical, professional, and related skills to prepare students for career advancement.

For more information regarding the online degree programs of Everglades University, please visit this link. Interested students may also apply online.

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Wiley College To Offer New System For Online Education

Wiley College, one of the oldest historically black colleges in Texas is about to introduce online learning education among their students as they launched their online education system this coming summer. This project will be implemented in partnership with The Learning House, Inc.

The new online education system will utilize Moodle and will be implemented first to Wiley’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in Organizational Management. Students who are enrolled in this program can now use web-based learning management system to access their course material, assignments and exams as well as to interact with their professors.

The Moodle system promises many conveniences for online students such as round-the-clock access to important course information and materials as well as easy but remarkable learning environment.  For more information about Wiley’s online degree offering, please visit this site.

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Loyola U Launched Online Learning Summer 2009

The Loyola University of New Orleans recently launched the 2009 Online Learning Summer. This program is composed of 40 online courses that they will be offering this summer starting this coming June 1 and will end on July 30.

The online courses for summer range from introductory to graduate level wherein 3 credit hour courses are available in Business, Humanities, Music & Fine Arts, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.  Each course has duration of 8 weeks and will be taught by respected professors of Loyola University of New Orleans.

This summer offering of Loyola University of New Orleans is indeed beneficial for their students because they can now earn college credits at reduced tuition rates at the comfort of their homes. The actual cost of each summer course is only $614 per credit hour which is actually 25% less compared to $821 per credit hour during the regular semester.

Each online course is limited to only 20 students to assure the quality of online learning. Students may enroll until June 2. For more information about enrolling in Loyola Summer Session, please contact the Office of Student Records at 504-865-3237.

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