Online University Student Chosen As Program Manager For Pentagon Training Program

Carla Chladek, who obtained her first master’s degree from Capella University last 2005 was chosen as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training of Pentagon. Chladek is responsible for training of the Joint Staff, including its curriculum design, instruction, and creating a vision for future trainings.

The Joint Staff of Pentagon has approximately 2,000 military workforces supporting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And heading this kind of training program is a both a big responsibility and a big honor for anyone who will be chosen to handle this position.

Likewise, this is indeed a very good scenario where a graduate of an online university can be seen advancing in her career. Carla Chladek even shared that her salary went up for 40% from the time she earned her online degree. This probably inspired her more to continue her advance studies because she is currently pursuing a second master’s degree from Capella in adult and post secondary education.

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