Online Studying At University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has an Independent Study Program that are serving the requirements of students who can not attend regular classes. Their online programs have flexible schedules and timelines and allow you to earn easily transferable credits.

The university has a special online education program for you whether you are a current regular student of UNL who needs some extra flexibility; a nursing student who want to earn your degree faster through online classes; a military who want to jump start on your degree while you’re overseas or on base; or a student who just need a few course requirements to earn your degree.

The university also offers pre-business and pre MBA courses such as Accounting, Economics, Math, Statistics and Business Calculus. And even if the university implements an absolute flexible admission, their programs are guaranteed to accredited as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools since the association first started accrediting colleges and universities in 1913.

Likewise, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been a member of the Association of American Universities since 1909. Further more, the colleges, schools, departments, and programs within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are accredited by their respective professional accrediting agencies. So you are guaranteed that your online degree studying at this university will never be compromised.

The tuition cost of studying at UNL-Independent Study is $181.50/credit hour for undergraduate courses; 212.25/credit hour for graduate courses and $225.00/credit hour for Nursing program. To know more about the Policies and Coursework Completion of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Program, please click here.

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