Online Studying At Ashford University

The Ashford University which is located and founded at Iowa on 1918, aside from its regular degree programs is also offering several online programs in associate, bachelor and graduate levels. This university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The online programs that Ashford offers include degrees in Associate of Arts in Business; Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Master of Arts in Business Administration; and Master of Arts In Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Ashford boasts the same high quality of both their campus-based and online program because of their expertise in the field of higher education.  They also take pride to the affordability of their online programs with only $304 per credit at bachelor level and $400 each credit at master level.

With Ashford, you can complete your online degree program with in one to two years. Each online class in Ashford has an average duration of 5 to 6 weeks and is designed to be taken one at a time. Students are also allowed to transfer up to 99 credits toward their Bachelor’s degree.  And most of all, the online classes in Ashford are in asynchronous format so students can really work at their own pace and according to their schedule.

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