Online Students Can Do Connect With Their Professors

Many people say that online students do not have “real” professors; that online students can not ask for their professor’s advice or recommendations; and that the relationship of online students and their virtual professors are very distant and impersonal.

But I guess this is not true unless you are studying in a fraud university because accredited and reputable online universities nowadays like AIU, Kaplan, Walden University, and many others that emphasize their interactive academic community. Most if not all online colleges have virtual classrooms, chat rooms and blogs or forums where both students and professors can interact better. Also, online students have the so called academic advisors that are readily available through telephone.

Online students are still dealing with real people and real professors. The online students and traditional students both have the professors and academic advisors that they can talk to when the circumstances call for it. It is only the mode of communications that is different from traditional schooling.

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