Online Student Enrollees Double Up Even In High Schools

The growth of students who want to study online is not only doubling in college and graduate schools but also in high school. Insight School of Minnesota for instance reported that the number of students who enrolled in online Minnesota high schools is now more than doubled as compared last year.

Valerie McCullough, the Executive Director of Insight School of Minnesota said that more parents and students are now discovering the benefits of a student-centered learning experience that provides all the rigor of brick and mortar schools.

On the other hand, the Department of Public Instruction has notified the virtual schools that there appears to be more interest in online instruction than what’s allowed by law. So the various virtual schools are now appealing to law makers to eliminate the 5,250 enrollment cap set by the Legislature and Gov. Jim Doyle last year.

So we can expect that graduate of online high schools will definitely increase in the next coming years as more and more parents switched from traditional to online schooling. The economic status of the country even trigger parents to choose online schooling or home-based schooling for their children to save more of their finances.  And with the advance technology of online high schools, these virtual schools are confident to provide the same quality education that regular students get from their brick and mortar schools.

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