Online Radiologic Course Enrollees Of FHCHS Increased

The Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, Department of Radiologic Science is pleased to announce that the enrollees for their online Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science Program this year increased significantly. The Florida Hospital College accepted 142 new students in their online Radiologic program this 2007 which brought their enrollment to a total of 426 students.

The Chairperson of FHC Department of Radiologic Sciences recently welcomed their freshmen and congratulated them on their decision to pursue their education at Florida Hospital College. Their enrollees for this year represented the 24 states where some live as far as California and others were just around Florida.

These students wanted to continue their professional growth in radiologic sciences without taking so much time from their full time work and family. And they believe that Florida Hospital College is one of the well-known institutions that could provide them with quality education and reputable degree that they could use to advance in their career.

To know more about the distance learning method of Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, please click here.

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