Online Learning Looks More Promising With Proposed Policy

The government, particular the law makers are getting more acquainted with online learning approach. And with the continuous rise of people who are considering and already participating in online learning; many organizations are proposing for Policy and Funding Frameworks for Online Learning.

This report details many considerations  that policy makers should consider for online learning such as the programs that vary widely in comprehensiveness, reach, delivery methods, locus of control, and other important aspects.  This report is created by John Watson and Butch Gemin from Evergreen Consulting Associates. The report is published by iNACOL to investigate some of the approaches being taken by practitioners and policymakers in response to key issues in online learning.

By publishing this report, they hope to guide policy makers toward more effective choices to support the high-quality online and blended learning environments potentially available to every child today. May this initiative be successful and may appropriate funding be granted to online learning institution to help many online learners complete a quality online education.

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