Online Education And Online Training

With the widely accepted advantages of online education and obtaining college degrees online, there are actually business enterprises that already started offering online training to its employees as an alternative to the traditional job trainings.

The online training, though does not yield any credit have the same principle with distance or online learning. Online training just like online education offers flexibility to both employees and employers. Just like taking online degrees, online trainings has a self-paced coursework and is accessible to the employees anytime.

Aside from the standard employee training for sales or customer service, there are several companies that provide online training in such fields like management, human resources, ethics, harassment and leadership. These online trainings not only make employees familiar with their duties and responsibilities but also gave them opportunities to enhance their professional and personal development as well.

The online training of a company may be given as an ordinary coursework accessible through the Internet. But several progressive companies have the so-called corporate university that offer more intensive training to their employee whether online or physical. And of course, there are likewise third-party institutions like Lasalle Corporate Training, eLearning Center, UC Berkeley Extension and WebCourse Services, Inc that specialize in providing online training/coursework for employees.

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