Online Degree Programs At UIS

The University of Illinois at Springfield, being the national leader in online education and one of the three campuses of the University of Illinois provides various online programs in bachelor and graduate programs. They also provide individual course learning, certification program and endorsement program.

They offer graduate degree programs in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Human Services with Concentration in Social Services Administration, Environmental Studies with Concentration in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Legal Studies, Teacher Leadership and Public Administration.

The IUS undergraduate degree completion programs include Business Administration, Economics, English, History, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy and Computer Science. They also offer certification program in Secondary Mathematics and endorsement program in Chief School Business Official.

The cost of online tuition in the University of Illinois at Springfield is between $133.50 to $201.00 per credit hour and $217.75 per credit hour for the graduate programs. Online learning in the University of Illinois at Springfield is very similar to their regular classes, in fact, the procedure for applying for an online course at their online institution is just the same as applying for an on-campus course.

Another good thing about the UIS is that it participates in the Illinois Virtual Campus, an electronic catalog of online and distance learning courses available from nearly 40 colleges and universities in Illinois. To view the complete online course offerings of UIS for upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall semesters, please click here.

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