More Universities Support MIT Open CourseWare

Good news to all of us! It has been reported that there were more than 100 universities around the world that joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in promoting the open courseware. This means that the open courseware is here to stay and is expected to provide better quality free  education for all as it is now being supported by well-known universities in and out the United States.

Although completing the free online courses at MIT Open CourseWare is not equivalent in a real MIT education and do not give any degree or course credit, its popularity is surging with more than 1 million hits per month because of the free quality learning that one can get as he or she takes the courses online. There are so many people around the world who cannot afford to send themselves to school but want to be educated and gain knowledge in a particular discipline. And for them, free online courses like these are great help to get the education they need.

These free MIT online courses are also a great resource for any college students who are looking for ways to supplement their studies as well as for adults who always believe in the importance of continuous learning. Currently, the Open Courseware has more than 1,800 free online courses and so, we start browsing these courses and start learning for free!

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